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The Spyder SAM System for the Philippines?

Front view of a Spyder SR Missile Firing Unit (MFU). Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

In January 2019, the Department of National Defense (DND) confirmed plans to acquire the Spyder Surface to Air Missile (SAM) System for the Philippines.1 Reports of the Philippine government being interested in an Israeli SAM Air Defense System (ADS) goes at least as far back as six years ago in 2013 under the Administration of President Benigno Aquino Jr.2

A Thesis by a United States (US) armed forces personnel back in 2017 later mentioned that the Philippine Navy (PN) was reportedly interested in getting at least five Missile Batteries of the Spyder.3 But over the years nothing concrete has come out of it so far, hopefully things will be different this time around.
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