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The rhk111 Defense Updates

I have decided to discontinue “The rhk111 Defense Forum” and switch to a website format instead thru the Google Blogger platform. I think it is more apt based on how I post content.

The new website is called the “The rhk11 Defense Updates“, and you can access it here:

I will be phasing out the forum slowly as I migrate content from there to the new website. I won’t be posting any new content on the forum though, instead I will just do it on the new website.

A Call for More Defense-related Pictures on Open Content or Public Domain

While looking around for open content images for my blog, I just noticed that the availability of these types of pictures tend to be spotty, some topics have a lot while others only have a few. As a blogger, I am supposed to use Open Content (OC)[1] or Public Domain (PD)[2] pictures only for my blogs, which means images which can be freely reused or those with no royalty requirements.

This something which I am now religiously trying to follow on my sites, but it is not easy because of the unavailability of such images on certain topics. If you search for OC/PD pictures for the PF-16 BRP Ramon Alcaraz or for Pohang-class Corvettes, for example, you won’t find a lot, and those that are available are not of high quality.

Hence, I am using this opportunity to issue a call for people to share their defense-related pictures for OC/PD purposes. There are a couple of OC/PD repositories in the internet where you can upload your pictures, like Flickr[3], for example, which allows you to change and/or publicly declare the license of the picture you are uploading. However, the best one for me is Wikipedia Commons[4] as its servers are fast and uploading/search procedures are easy.
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Blog Output Slowdown

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

I have been releasing a blog at an average of one per week the last couple of months, but I will be slowing down a bit from hereon to around a blog every 10 days, maybe even slower after that.

The reason is that first, the AFP Modernization is slowing down also, and I am running out of interesting stuff to write about. Second, I’ve covered a lot of ground already with over 50 blogs, so there may not be a lot left to discuss. Third, I need even more time to do other stuff than I have now, and these blogs are eating a bit too much of my time. The blogs are not easy to write, they involve a lot of thinking, research, more writing and re-writing … I apologize for the regular readers out there as it will mean less material for them to read on a regular basis, but I’m taking a bit of a break.

I may start blogging more frequently again if very interesting stuff comes up, but in the meantime just visit the site every now and then and take note of announcements of upcoming blogs on the Sidebar. I encourage everyone to follow my “Philippine Defense News” page on Facebook or on Twitter for more frequent updates (usually daily) about news related to Philippine defense. Thanks for reading my blogs, I highly appreciate it.