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The Philippine Navy’s “Desired Force Mix 2015”

The Philippine Navy published an updated version of their “Desired Force Mix” last December 2015 on an article in their official website,[1] and it turned out to be quite interesting, although it was just a brief overview contained in one graphic. It lacked many important details like the exact timeline or the budget they needed to get all those equipment. But they did note down the exact quantities and the description of the equipment they want, as well as a general or approximate timeline of when they intend to get them. Below is the said graphic:

I have re-ordered the contents of the graphic into a matrix, as follows:
PNDFM-2015 Summary

As we can see, the procurement is divided into three different “Horizons” which was first mentioned by former Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang in 2014.[2] So far the AFP has not released to the public the SPECIFIC details of these Horizons, they just provide bits and pieces about it here and there in news reports every now and then. As far as I can tell, the Administration of Benigno Aquino Jr. covers the FIRST Horizon, and so I assume that the next two Administrations will be the second and third Horizons.
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The Philippine Air Force’s “Flight Plan 2028”

The title page of the Philippine Air Force's "Flight Plan 2018" Presentation
The title page of the Philippine Air Force’s “Flight Plan 2018” Presentation

The Philippine Air Force (PhAF) recently released on their official website (at a presentation called, “Philippine Air Force Flight Plan 2028”(the original link is here). The presentation was noted as having been originally presented during the “AFP Governance Exposition 2014” last December 17, 2014 at the AFPCOC CGEA (whatever that means) Main Restaurant.

The document is a unique treat for us civilians as it outlined the GOALS, PROCUREMENT and TRAINING PLANS (among other things) of the PhAF in a nice-looking, well-made and relatively easy to understand format. Hence I have decided to SUMMARIZE some of the more important points of that presentation on this blog.
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