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Iraq: America Loses Another War

After the unbelievably huge success of Desert Storm, the whole world was regaled by stories of how the US military rose up from the ashes of its defeat in Vietnam, & became the overwhelming, almost god-like force it was in Iraq.

Vietnam was such a traumatic experience for the US military, that succeeding generations of US military personnel vowed to win the next war, & to never again put itself into such a situation, or to at least win the next guerilla war.

Fast forward to 2006: The Democrats have won the House Majority, elected there by the American people on the basis of their platform to pull troops out of Iraq.
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Who Gets The ASG Reward Money?

The GMA Administration, or the country in general, has been making significant strides in the war against terror, particularly against the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), where a number of their leaders have recently fallen under the gun.

As a result of these successes, though, a main issue has come up: Most of these leaders had significant reward money on their heads. A recent ASG leader that was recently confirmed to have been killed by the AFP, for example, had a $5M reward price for information leading to his capture, or death. That’s almost 250 Million in Philippine Peso, a VERY large sum of money in the country.

So, the question is, who gets the money, or what to do with it?
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PhAF Purchase Considerations

 With the PhAF (Philippine Air Force) set to buy at least 6 Attack Helicopters soon, here are just some of my thoughts:

* Aside from the price, maybe we should also look at the overall package each manufacturer will be bidding. Items like:
– TRAINING (Pilots & Maintainance personnel)

* I was thinking that perhaps we can ask the bidders to also include TECHNICAL DRAWINGS for the parts, but w/ only 6 aircrafts to buy, am not sure if the manufacturers will aree to that.
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Radar Detection and The Horizon Distance

While reading some of the posted items about the our Peacock-class Corvette’s radar and gun range, I just came across the problem of detection by Radar because the “Horizon Distance”.

A typical Radar system is limited in terms of detecting objects close to the surface of the earth because of the curvature of the Earth. It is ideal for detecting aircrafts flying at altitude, but for ships, or very low flying aircrafts, its detection range would be limited by the height of the object being observed, and the height of the Radar Transmitter/Receiver (T/R).

A typical formula for Horizon Distance I found in the web (click here) is HD = SQRT(H)*112.88 where:
HD = Horizon Distance in km.
H = Height of the Observer
112.88 = Formula Constant
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