I have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree from a Catholic Extremist school in Manila, Philippines, and have worked in the field of Quality in the Electronics and Oil and Gas sector for many, many years.

But I’ve always been a military enthusiast ever since I was a kid. I remember the most precious books I had then was a Science book about Flight and a book about military aircraft.

In High School, as my batchmates can attest to, I was known as a “War Freak“, not because of my propensity for violence, but because of the enthusiasm and frequency I showed when discussing matters related to weapons and their technology.

I just want to share my views or opinions about military arms and equipment thru this site, and hopefully help other people learn more about them.

I have other blogs also, feel free to visit any of them anytime:

rhk111’s Firearms Blog

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20 thoughts on “About”

  1. You have a “wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL (did I say wonderful)” blog here. Hahaha. Ngayon lang ako nabump into sa blog. And, I enjoy it so very much.
    Keep on writing, Sir rhk111. I’m now an instant fan!
    God bless you.


  2. Dear RHK,

    Have I told you that your blogs are very good? Anyway I’m a fan of your blogs just last year when I found out that PAF has a new Aircarft and came across your site and since then I’ve been a so called “frequent costumer”.

    I find your blog very satisfying but I have this eager to have a more deep perspective on Tanks could you do a blog for it if you have time, I would think that many would be pleased to read that. And what do you think about the M8 light tank?


    1. I’m glad you like my blog, Mamongrogi. Sorry to disappoint you though, I am not a big fan of Main Battle Tanks in our setting. I am more of a fan of Anti-Tank Missiles, I think they are more practical for us.

      As for the M8, if I can have it my way, I would do away with its gun and mount as many Spike N-LOS missiles on it, just like the Israeli’s Pereh Missile Carrier or Precision Artillery (the concept is so new nobody knows what to call it).

      With the Spike N-LOS, the M8 can kill tanks while no enemy tank can touch it as long as it stays away from them beyond 5 km. It is also a light tank, so more practical for us …

      1. Oh..that’s why, no bother RHK and Thanks for the insight.

        I’m just a fan of anything machines and tactics. Anyway where do you get your info? I would like to get myself some to read. All I have is my Dad’s and Uncle’s Army reads that has been issued to them and its old.

      2. I just Google a lot. You have to learn how to use short phrases to maximize Google.

        One tip though is to start with Wikipedia because they collect the information from different sources. But the problem is that Wikipedia can be unreliable at times, so you double check by looking at the references at the bottom of a page …

      3. I red that Pereh Missile Carrier on a Tank thing and it turns out its just recently confirmed that Israel possesses this kind of tech for more than 30-40 years, “Damn Internet” says Israel.

        By the way, I’ve been searching prices of aircraft that could possibly the MRF that Philippines could/might buy and I came across prices of Russian made aircraft and I’m stunned that the price is a half or even a third of its US counter part, Why is that? I’ve searched a little and as far as specs and performance is concern its not that far from each other.

      4. The problem with Russian aircraft is that they maybe cheaper to buy initially, but in the long run they are more expensive to maintain. This is because the lifespan of some of their parts, particularly the engines, don’t last as long as the western-made engines and parts. So you end up replacing them more frequently, and thus spending more …

      5. I think light tanks would be better because their light (obviously) fast manouverable and because our road infrastructure can only hold up to 30 tons light tanks would be ideal for our roads

  3. Great blog here, rhk111. Reading through your blog and about page was very interesting. Its really done well and easy to understand especially to people that are new in the military history and military hardware. love your blog about the ships in the Falkland war, one of my favorite war, like you said in your piece there is not really a lot of modern warship fights in the last few decades. I am very the same as you, as I grew up very much into this kind of stuff (also went to collage in a not so extremist Catholic School in Manila). I have tons of books from my youth about military history and hardware. and is still very much into it. I do frequent Air shows here in the US and have been in the US Navy and Air Force base in Norfolk, VA. Anyway keep up the good work, really hope the Philippine Armed Forces gets modernized as planned. Good Luck to you on this endeavor and God Bless.

  4. RHK,

    I was reading your A-29 vs. the AT-6 and specifically, your comment about the A/G radar and target elevation fidelity might be slightly misunderstood. A/G radar can used for mapping, target identification, and ranging. For A/A targets, radar is excellent for ranging, for determining slant range of ground targets, it depends. In fact, the shallower the angle of the dive, the greater the inaccuracies of the ranging. For example, shining a flashing light straight against the wall and seeing a small spot, then tilting it at an angle and getting an oblong one. The laser ranging is usually always the most accurate and when aircraft have both, the more accurate input will be utilized by weapons computers. Believe it or not, the next most accurate input would be accurate map data in the computer for terrain. The A/G radar falls in hierarchy after those two inputs. The advantage though is for udesignated targets, targets where data such as location is not known (example targets of opportunity). In that case, ranging through a gun reticle has some advantages. However, being a small, slow, tight turning aircraft, if strafe and rocket runs are being made, a DSL (depressed sight line reticle) may be more than adequate for those attacks due to shorter slant range distances and altitude above. It’s important to note that unless the aircraft is employing GPS weapons, it has to be a clear environment to employ everything else (A/G) only. In low threat environments getting close and personal is not an issue. High threat environments, then that’s when you bring in the fancy toys with high speed and good standoff.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Plebe1985. About the accuracy of radar as rangefinders against ground targets, if you can share a link for a reference about this, that would be great. If not, I still highly appreciate your views about this. Thanks again.

      1. RHK,

        That knowledge is from direct experience with platforms equipped with radars and while that information is probably somewhere on the internet, I did not use any online reference. Some of the more technical details are proprietary or beyond the scope of the discussion. It is always nice to meet enthusiasts and I try to help when I can as long as it’s within the scope of legality.

      2. Okay thanks, Plebe1985. Since there is a requirement for a Laser Rangefinder on the CAS aircraft project, then that would be good enough for Air to Ground targetting.

        I think I sort of forgot about that when I wrote this piece, I remember reading a article on Flight Global about the ST and they didn’t use a LR for that article. Anyway, thanks again …

  5. While Philippines is still looking and struggling to have its first Modern Frigate “Missile Guided Frigate” that is. Indonesia on the other hand is Nearly Completing its Sea trials for Commissioning of its first Locally made Missile Frigate.

    Now I was asking myself. How the hell did we end up having a shitty Navy? Our Navy is so poor that even foreign fishing boats are just laughing at them.

  6. Admin,

    Where can we see the “Phases of modernization” for the Phil Army? Navy has it’s force desired Mix and Flight Plan 2028 for Air-force, have not seen one for the Army.

    And I’m Just Curious what about the Flight Plan 2028 it only states up to 2022 and seems like the Third Horizon is not yet layed out, just wondering if that is their final unit purchase until the modernization ends or are they planning beyond that?

    1. The Army has a detailed modernization plan just like the Air Force and the Navy, but they haven’t released it publicly so far, so we will just have to wait if and when they do release it to the public.

      As for the Air Force’s plans beyond 2022, I am sure there already is one but just like in the case of the Army, they haven’t released it publicly yet …

      1. Thank You Admin..

        Hopefully they will release it soon for both Army and 3rd horizon of FP2028.

        What I was thinking is that PAF will use the 3rd horizon to adjust their procurement timeline if so happens that 2022 is not enough to procure all their requested units. They estimated about Bil+360 Php from 2014-2022 that means Bil+40/year which is far off to our Bil +/-25 Php modernization budget per year.

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