Third Year Blog Anniversary

Photo courtesy of the All is Wall website.
Photo courtesy of the All is Wall website.

This month marks the third year anniversary of my “rhk111’s Military and Arms Page” which I started in 2013. With around 113 published blogs and over 860k views in three years, it continues to exceed my expectations, and I thank all the readers for this.

’Delayed and Completed Projects’
During my last year’s anniversary blog,[1] I wrote about delays that hounded the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization, and unfortunately, up to now MOST of those items have still not been completed yet, and with the end of term of the current Administration nearing, then I am not anymore optimistic that they will be awarded a contract anytime soon. These delayed projects are namely the following:
Long Range Patrol Aircraft (LRPA)
Close Air Support Aircraft (CAS)
Shore Based Missile System (SBMS)
Rocket Propelled Grenade or RPG-7
ROKS Mokpo (PCC-759) Pohang-class Corvette
Missiles for our Del Pilar class Ships

The few that were successfully completed were:
Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC) Mk3
Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Helicopters

As of this writing the Frigate Acquisition Project is still ongoing, with some official and unofficial updates here and there, and hopefully it will be completed soon.

’Dark Cloud’
Even worst is the fact that there is a very dark cloud hanging over the entire AFP Modernization program, and that is the election of Rodrigo Duterte as the next President of our country. I have already enumerated before why I think Duterte will not continue the modernization, like his naïve statements of how we are, “… better off with just Gunboats …”[2] or that the “… FA-50PHs (that we just bought) were just a waste of money …”.[3]

Subsequently he and his administration talked about doing Bilateral talks with China,[4] and he seems to be intent on pursuing his plan of making China pay for a Nationwide Train System.[5] Most damning though is his recent speech at the “Sulong Pilipinas (Forward Philippines)” Forum wherein he dissed again the FA-50PHs and said that he will not go to war over Scarborough Shoal.[6]

With Duterte as President, it is very likely that we will go back to the days of Gloria Arroyo as President (with whom he is close to[7]) wherein only TOKEN procurement were done for the AFP, just enough to keep them from complaining too much.

The fast pace of the AFP Modernization Program (at least way faster than the previous Administrations) enabled me to write enthusiastically about the topic, targeting to release at least one blog per month, sometimes even scrambling to find a worthwhile topic to write about during some “lean” months.

However, with the expected slowdown in the program soon, then that will likely stop. For how long, I don’t know, it depends on how soon the program resumes. Remember that this blog is basically just a “Labor of Love”, meaning it runs entirely on inspiration, and that inspiration was that we are actually buying some military equipment and weapons.

Take that inspiration away and there is nothing left. Besides, buying stuff narrows down and focuses the field on what we are actually buying, or else we might as well be fantasizing about getting Aircraft Carriers, and/or Nuclear Submarines.

I do expect the modernization to resume, eventually (I hope), but at a much, much slower pace. Frankly as of now I am not entirely sure what to do anymore with this blog. I expect that the Duterte Administration may start attacking some or even most of the procurement made under PNoy for the AFP, so I could go out and write blogs defending some or all of them if that happens.

’Parting Shot’
It has been a fantastic three years under the PNoy Administration’s renaissance of the AFP Modernization. I was greatly inspired by it, I felt like a kid again, and I really, really enjoyed writing all those military articles which I tried to make as technically sound as possible. Along the way I managed to get a viewership that went well beyond my expectations.

But it all maybe coming to an end if Duterte as expected will not be supporting the AFP Modernization as much as PNoy did. The Mayor is more than welcome to prove me wrong, of course, and I hope he does continue the program despite his pronouncements, I really do, so I can continue to do what I love doing best, and continue to share worthwhile articles for everyone to read.

A year from now, in June 2017 I intend to write my fourth anniversary blog, and it would be interesting how it will go. In the meantime, I may just write more articles on my other blogs, and catch up on my reading, building up more on that knowledge as a Military Enthusiast. Expect me also to do more site maintenance like updating formats, revising some old blog posts and archiving links. Finally, I will probably just go out and watch more Cat videos on Youtube … Meow …


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8 thoughts on “Third Year Blog Anniversary”

  1. Happy 3rd year anniv. RHK. I hope that yours and our inspiration continues. I hope that pres. Duterte will have a change of mind and see that external defense is needed by any sovereign nation. Yes, it makes me feel like a kid too, excited in knowing the military hardware we are procuring and shouting in joy when it is finally approved or when it becomes sure thing.

    1. Thanks, HISAGENDA. Well, I am saving a last possible shout for joy if and when the two Frigates get approved. I am still hoping that the incoming government will at least approve that …

  2. in regards to the FA-50 issue..let us just be optimistic. Duterte might not like the acquisition of the FA-50 cause for him it will not do much against the fighters of China. He might be inclined to buy a MRF. Duterte is a fighter, i know his mind set if he wants a fight it must be in even terms.

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