Why is the Philippines Poorer than Its Neighbors?

I thought this was too important to be just left on my main blog, thus I am reposting it here …

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Why is the Philippines poorer than its South East Asian (SEA) neighbors?” This is one question that I have been asking myself since I was in my teens. It is not an easy question to answer, but let me offer my opinion now on why I think this is so. First, let’s establish the fact that we ARE indeed poorer than our neighbors, and one way to do that would be to look at our Poverty Rate or the Percent of our Population Below the Poverty Line. Below is the data for Poverty Rate of various SEA countries including us taken from the excellent Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook website[1] which will be my main reference for most of the statistical data I will be using in this blog.
Comparison of the Poverty Rates of South East Asian Countries. Comparison of the Poverty Rates of South East Asian Countries.

As we can see in the…

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5 thoughts on “Why is the Philippines Poorer than Its Neighbors?”

  1. its simple Sir. Corruption and most Filipino’s love imported goods. Most Filipino’s also pretending as foreigner especially those who live outside the country. They don’t care of being Filipino.

  2. The only way the Philippines can reduce it’s population and be an oil rich country is to militarize our country’s population resource. Use it to invade and reclaim back oil-rich Sabah and Spratly Island territories occupied by Malaysia. The oil from Sabah can then be used to buy more military hardwares for the AFP to a strength level sufficient enough to start kicking China out of Scarborough shoal and island-reefs occupied by China. If Duterte becomes the next president, AFP better start planning to take over the country, before our country breaks up into communist-ruled provinces and MILF/MNLF territories.

  3. Thanks for this. Now I have something to argue against the default response “Oh because it’s corrupt!” As if the government of other countries isn’t corrupt, if not more so.

    The oil exports conclusion (i.e. PH lack of oil exports) just made me go “duh”. Also made me lose a little more respect towards China and Malaysia (who had terrorists training our Abu Sayyaf), if their primary aim in territorial expansion is indeed oil and not some random reason (ancestors, submarine basing etc.)

  4. The main obvious reason why the Philippines is poorer than other neighboring countries is because over the past decades not one of any of our past presidents has succeeded in making the Philippines an economic power with it’s huge natural and human resources. They are all intelligent and have the power to make our country economically wealthy but they are all controlled by self-interest groups who brought the presidents to power and therefore are indebted to give priority and protection to them than our national economic development as a whole. Nationalistic and protectionist economic policies will never attract foreign investments into our country. Closing the US military bases with a weak AFP was taken advantage of by China. Siding with Malaysia instead of supporting the Kiram family to reclaim oil-rich Sabah is like giving away 30% of our economic wealth to Malaysia for free. Allowing our Spratly Islands and Scarborough shoal to be occupied by other foreign claimants is like losing another 30% of our countries wealth. That is why we remain a poor and weak country because of the stupid decisions of our past and present leadership.

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