300,000 Page Views!!!


That was fast, only less than 3 months and my “rhk111′s Military and Arms Page” blog already hit its 300,000th Page Views. I used to have a widget that shows the total Page Views thus far on my WordPress.com site, but upon moving to a WordPress.org site I found that things are not as user-friendly and I could not get a similar widget to work.

I plan to take a short break, I may release only 1 blog for the month of August 2014, unless the PhN releases the results of the new Frigate bidding then I may release another one. At any rate, I highly appreciate having all these people reading my blog, will continue to blog as long as there are worthwhile topics to write about, thanks to all again as usual …

Page views count from WordPress and Google Analytics
Page views count from WordPress and Google Analytics

15 thoughts on “300,000 Page Views!!!”

  1. You deserve to be called the best…

    Thank you for you persistence, passion and dedication.

    Your blog changed a lot of how I view things I normally don’t appreciate.

    Sail on…

  2. Great blog. Hope you write more about the other frigate candidates when their names become available.

    I look forward to reading about how much more superior they are compared to the Floreal.


    1. Thanks, Mike. Not sure if I can write about the other Frigate candidates because first, the Navy might announce soon which candidate won the bidding, so I am not sure if it is still worthwhile to discuss them once the announcement is made; Second, I wanted to get a confirmation from other the manufacturer or the DND on really which candidates were fielded, in the case of the Floreal, HDF-3000 and Avante there was sort of a confirmation one way or the other. Not sure if that will be possible with the other candidates …

  3. Sorry all, but I am delaying my next blog about Sea Denial by another week. Couldn’t really get it to the level where I’m really satisfied with it, hence I’m giving it another week to think more about it. There’s a slowdown in the developments of the AFP Modernization, anyway.

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