Blog Output Slowdown

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I have been releasing a blog at an average of one per week the last couple of months, but I will be slowing down a bit from hereon to around a blog every 10 days, maybe even slower after that.

The reason is that first, the AFP Modernization is slowing down also, and I am running out of interesting stuff to write about. Second, I’ve covered a lot of ground already with over 50 blogs, so there may not be a lot left to discuss. Third, I need even more time to do other stuff than I have now, and these blogs are eating a bit too much of my time. The blogs are not easy to write, they involve a lot of thinking, research, more writing and re-writing … I apologize for the regular readers out there as it will mean less material for them to read on a regular basis, but I’m taking a bit of a break.

I may start blogging more frequently again if very interesting stuff comes up, but in the meantime just visit the site every now and then and take note of announcements of upcoming blogs on the Sidebar. I encourage everyone to follow my “Philippine Defense News” page on Facebook or on Twitter for more frequent updates (usually daily) about news related to Philippine defense. Thanks for reading my blogs, I highly appreciate it.

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