100,000 Page Views!!!

USD100,000 Bill. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
USD100,000 Bill. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

My “rhk111’s Military and Arms Page” blog hits an important milestone today after hitting 100,000 page views in only 8 months, exceeding all of my humble expectations. I would like to thank all of you for your patronage, I will continue to blog as long as I have the time to do so and as long as there are interesting topics to blog about. Please continue reading my blogs, I highly appreciate it.


21 thoughts on “100,000 Page Views!!!”

  1. congrats. Its a venue for us armchair generals of the Philippines. btw, i saw a defense news article that KAI said we were getting the ta50 but some say we are getting the fa50. which is which? its bad enough we dont have bvr ordnance but it would be worse without threat indicators and countermeasures like chaff and flares and jdam, smart bomb support. anyway more power to rhk111.

    1. Well, Tom Clancy was an “armchair general”, and he came out quite well.

      We are getting a variant of the FA-50, but as per KAI its going to be called “T-50PH” if we decide to get it …

      1. Ah ok. I know its just a LIFT/SAA but wouldnt it be cooler if it is gonna ba F/A-50 instead. a T designation would mean we’re flying trainers to battle the chinese. It would sound wussy hehehe.

      2. From my understanding, the “T-50PH” is basically the same as the FA-50, KAI just chose to call it differently. I don’t know why, and I agree it can be quite confusing. They could’ve called it the “FA-50PH”, but I read some old rumors that the “FA-50PH” is reserved for a version of KAI’s proposed Stealth aircraft. Anyway, let’s just wait for the unveiling of the “T-50PH” and see what systems the aircraft really has …

  2. finally someone signed the damned geagle contract. Now the dnd must also not stop at this purchase. It should have a parallel purchase of a different MRF or a SLEP upgrade of the geagle beyond the 2020 horizon. If we follow the s211 and f5 tradition we would again be fighterless when pnoy’s term ends. At most we could get an additional air asset once a year if only to complete the minimum defense requirement. Just read that Japan is finally being allowed to sell arms to treaty countries (like us). I hope that we get at least one squad dedicated to CAP missions. I dream of a f15 made in korea or Japan. Its free to dream naman e.

    1. My feeling is that they will start finalizing the procurement of MRFs AFTER the T-50PH arrives and we have gotten operational experience with it. The T-50PH will arrive starting in 2015, so we will likely start buying the MRFs in 2017 under the next President …

  3. im a bit confuse of the designation of T-50PH is this really the FA-50 or T-50 cause indonesia ordered the pure trainer T-50 and was designated as T-50i, the “i” stands for indonesia so PH means philippines. since designation is T-50PH is these only the pure trainer T-50 or the FA-50 the fighter configuration of the T-50.

    1. All of you guys have a point there, it made me think also. There are a LOT of differences between the T-50 and the FA-50, let me enumerate some here:
      – No radar
      – Cannot use Precision Guided Munitions
      – No internal cannon
      – No Warning or Counter Measure System

      As a result of less equipment it is a lighter plane, making it more maneuverable and also cheaper to maintain. But obviously it is also a less capable plane. But again, some reports say that the T-50PH is really an FA-50 just with a different name, and the pricing also indicates a more expensive and sophisticated plane. If we got the T-50, it likely would’ve been a lot cheaper. Hence I think the best thing to do is wait for more details to come out, I am sure the PhAF will release them soon.

      Now if we did get only the T-50 and not an FA-50 variant, one possibility is because we are getting a more sophisticated aircraft in the near future. There’s been a lot of talk about those Gripens …

  4. if this will be unveiled as the pure trainer version the T-50, govt must act fast to procure at least a squadron KFIR block 60 before 2017. at least by middle of 2015 or 2016 we have at least a pure MRF in our bases as per Israel commitment to deliver a squadron in a year after signing a contract. its just too long waiting no MRF up to 2017. we dont know what will happen from 2014 to 2017 specially china is getting aggressive.

  5. I love the kfir but sad to say its becoming a hard sell having one. A Colombian Kfir just crashed while on manuevers in Colombia according to Jane’s just recently. Its the same kfir IAI is selling. The kicker is China is really on a mean streak right now. They just toured the entire SEA like they own the place making the entire ASEAN look like fools. WTF. The FA50 is a step but its gonna be a while until we get up to speed for any kind of MRF. The only solution would really be stationing USAF and USN in Palawan and Subic until we get our bearings. Spice it up with F22’s/ F15’s and LCS’s, Predator drones and hunter killer subs. The other nations are keeping the conflict under wraps by saying that they allowed them to pass but for how long? ASEAN should really speak up or else see their respective claims salami sliced (US senate’s term for China’s tactic in SEA, EA).

    1. Up until that recent crash, I thought the Kfir had a fair track record. Now, I am not so sure. A 2nd hand aircraft with no FBW … Maybe a little bit less safe.

      In case China attacks our territory, I think it will be more of skirmish, limited only to the Spratly Islands. We will likely lose all of our territories there like Pag-Asa Island and Ayungin, but it will be limited, just like the skirmishes between China and Vietnam in the Paracel Islands and Johnson Reef.

      But the US will not abandon us, they will help us fight these Chinese, maybe even regain our territory. It is an AFFRONT to them if China takes our territory, if they do not help they will lose a lot of prestige around the world which will have adverse long term effects on them.

      1. i just dont understand the chinese. all that money and they could have just asked the SEA nations to cooperate in developing the islands jointly without annexation but they had to claim it by intimidation and historical claims. the canadians went to the UN to clarify their claim in sections in the north pole just recently why cant the chinese do that here?! its so juvenile for them. but i pity the chinese people because they are being brainwashed by their leaders to thinking that they own the entire area by birthright and history. that the rest of the SEA nations are just fungi who grew in their territory. i just wish china would just attack all the claimants at once and even taiwan so that they can show their true colors at last. not this crap that everyone needs china economically so the whole world essentially owes them. i do not like war but if china continues to do this to nations that do not have the might to defend themselves…it will set a precedent for them and we will pay the price if we do not say no. (sorry for the rant saw the fb article of what they did…pinapalaki pa away).

  6. china should remember if their memory is short….we kick their butt during the korean war. 1 combat battalion (10th bct) of more or less 1,000 men vs. 40,000 chinese. 10th bct suffered 10 killed, 26 wounded and 14 missing in action against more than a thousand chinese killed. just fortunate we can only find a monument to these brave men in korea…why not build a monument to these gallant warriors in luneta that all tourist may see including the chinese the exploits of these brave men.

  7. the philippines acquires 3 radar system in israel and we can get it expected within 2 years…another privilege from israel…ISRAEL WILLL LEND A RADAR FOR “IMMEDIATE STOP GAP SOLUTIONS”. the one that will be lent by israel will be ready in a year. our government must now look to israel in regards to purchase of arms. and israel will be willing to help specially to nations that are bullied. we must take into consideration to purchase the kfir block 60, again with the israelis we will not go wrong. if it is made in israel it is guaranteed it is a superb equipment. with a low price, 40 years guarantee. 4th generation plus system, delivery in a year, trained by the greatest pilots in the world and superb contract arrangement. o.k. we want to get a brand new 4th generation with fbw but due to its price it will take us another 5 years or for sure 10 years to acquire it. but israel will give us a year to have a squadron of kfir. as interim 12 kfir block 60 by 2015 or 2016 at least we have a real MRF in our air force to challenge all comers. question of spare parts…again asked the israelis why their sherman tanks are still moving…

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