Iraq: America Loses Another War

After the unbelievably huge success of Desert Storm, the whole world was regaled by stories of how the US military rose up from the ashes of its defeat in Vietnam, & became the overwhelming, almost god-like force it was in Iraq.

Vietnam was such a traumatic experience for the US military, that succeeding generations of US military personnel vowed to win the next war, & to never again put itself into such a situation, or to at least win the next guerilla war.

Fast forward to 2006: The Democrats have won the House Majority, elected there by the American people on the basis of their platform to pull troops out of Iraq.

They have already started moves towards cutting the funding for the war, so that eventually the US Military will likely have to pull out of Iraq in the very near future, like probably within the year or so, whether they achieve any sort of victory in Iraq or not.

And with that, America loses another guerilla war.

America lost the war in Vietnam, since as soon as it pulled out of that country, it was overrun by America’s enemies, & a government hostile to America is installed.

That is likely what is going to happen in Iraq. Again.

‘Iraq After The American Pull Out’

What will happen to Iraq, as soon as the American leave?

This question seems to be rarely discussed in the US anymore, it just seems that everybody just wants the troops to run away from that country as fast as possible w/ their tail between their legs, without even bothering about the long term consequences of such an action.

The likely scenario, is that, when the Americans are gone, the country will be plunged into a deep & vicious open civil war between the major factions.

The only likely solution, would be for the country to be broken up into smaller countries occupied by each faction, just like the former Yugoslavia.

One, if not all of these factions will end up to be hostile to America, which, if not checked, will provide safe haven to Islamic, Fundamentalist terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, just as the Taleban-occupied Afghanistan had once done.

More disturbing, will be how this will affect the supply of oil in the world. Iraq is one of the world’s main supply lines for oil, & w/ the country in such turmoil under no western influence, gad knows how that will play out.

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